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Chrome Cranks Chrome Cranks: Lost Time Blues (7"/CDEP)
PCP-031, ©1995

Tracks: Lost Time Blues, Julie Do Ya Love Me, Electric Heart (CD Only), Heaven (Take Me Now)(CD Only)

Chrome Cranks Chrome Cranks: Love in Exile (LP/CD)
PCP-026, ©1996

Tracks: Movie Star, Hot Blonde Cocktail, Wrong Number, Hit the Sand, Lost Time Blues, The Receiver, See that my Grave is Kept Clean, Down for the Hit, We're Going Down, Movie Star/2, Dirty Son (Lie Down/Fade Out), Curtains for My Baby

Chrome Cranks The Chrome Cranks (LP/CD)
PCP-016, ©1994

Tracks: Dark Room, Subway Man, Driving Bad, Eight-Track Mind, No.1 Girl, Doll in a Dress, Back Door Maniac, Stuck in a Cave, Lo-End Buzz, Outta My Heart, Party's Over (LP Only)

Chrome Cranks Chrome Cranks: 8-Track Mind (7" vinyl)
PCP-006, ©1992

Tracks: Eight-Track Mind, Collision Blues

Chrome Cranks Chrome Cranks: Darkroom (7" vinyl)
PCP-008, ©1992

Tracks: Darkroom, Burn Baby Burn

Sold Out!!!

Foetus/Chrome Cranks Foetus/Chrome Cranks: Vice Squad Dick (7" Picture Disc/CDEP)
PCP-011, ©1994

Tracks: Foetus: Vice Squad Dick, Outside of Time (CD Only); Chrome Cranks: Little Johnny Jewel (CD Only), Vice Squad Dick

7" Picture Disc Sold Out !!!

Fuse Fuse (2x 7" vinyl)
PCP-005, ©1992

Tracks: Dana's Room, Bloodlock Bunny, Prochoice, JJ-180

Jonathan Fire Eater Jonathan Fire*Eater (7"/CDEP)
PCP-028, ©1995

Tracks: The Public Hanging of a Movie Star, The Cakewalk of Crime, When Prince was a Kid (CD Only)

CDEP and 7" Limited Quantity Now Available !!!

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Lubricated Goat Lubricated Goat: Forces You Don't Understand (CD Only)
PCP-012, ©1994

Tracks: You Remain Anonymous, Next World, Crave, The Hedonists, Half-Life, Psychic Detective, Lost Time, The Soul Remains in Pain, 20th Century Rake, The Day in Rock

Motherhead Bug Motherhead Bug: Age of Dwarfs (7" vinyl)
PCP-002, ©1992

Tracks: Age of Dwarfs, Bleeding Heart Incident

Noisext Noisext: Welcome to my Head (7" vinyl)
PCP-019, ©1995

Tracks: Headcrusher, Welcome to my Head, Broken, Harmonic Disaster

PCP Generics PCP Generics (CD Only)
PCP-022, ©1995

Featuring: Jonathan Fire*Eater, Spoiler, Speedball Baby, The Spitters, Poem Rocket, Slug, Noisext, '68 Comeback, Chrome Cranks, Slowworm, Fuse, Railroad Jerk

Poem Rocket Poem Rocket: Infinite Retry on Parallel Time Out (CD Only)
PCP-033, ©1997 (released in 1998)

Tracks: Virus, Box: Tallow Felt and Ice, Ka-boom, Its Aerodynamic, The Untitled Installation, Epicenter, She Reflects the Light, Vexation the False Start, Dusk, Bataille, The Backwards Climber
*Poem Rocket Special*

Poem Rocket Poem Rocket: Felix Culpa (CD Only)
PCP-029, ©1995

Tracks: milky white fade in, Eject, Deus Absconditus, The Animal Planter, Contrail de l'Avion, Small White Animal, Flaw, carbon black fade out, Milky White Entropy, Period, Pretty Baby, Blue Chevy Impala
*Poem Rocket Special*

Poem Rocket Poem Rocket: Small White Animal (7" vinyl)
PCP-021, ©1995

Tracks: Small White Animal, b/w milky white fade in, Milky White Entropy, carbon black fade out
*Poem Rocket Special*

Railroad Jerk Railroad Jerk: Milk the Cow (2x 7" vinyl)
PCP-004, ©1993

Tracks: All Down Hill, Problems, Ordinary Nights, I am Fine

'68 Come Back '68 Come Back: High School Confidential (7" vinyl)
PCP-014, ©1995

Tracks: High School Confidential, Boppin' High School Baby

Slowworm Slowworm: Torso (7" vinyl)
PCP-009, ©1992

Tracks: Torso, March of the Insects

Slug Slug: The 3 Man Themes (CD/Double LP)
PCP-024, ©1996

Tracks: Unesque, The Gentle Man, Madison Man, Kayamba Dance, El Paraiso, The Distinct Room, Resonance Man, The Grey Man, Oh Yeah!

Slug Slug: The Out Sound (LP/CD)
PCP-013, ©1994

Tracks: Ex-chest, Telephone Trouble, Aurora F, Here and Now, Crawl, Sung-il Meat, King of Ghosts, Symbol for Snack, Lofthouse, Coordinate Points, Kitti Thai Spice
(Crawl was available as a free flexi disc on the 1st 1000 vinyl copies only !!!)

Slug Slug: Rubber Ape (7" vinyl)
PCP-010, ©1993

Tracks: Rubber Ape, Seitenwagen

Speedball Baby Speedball Baby: Get Straight for the Last Supper (10" Vinyl/ CDEP)
PCP-023, ©1995

Tracks: Phoenix Hotel pt. 1, Five Dollar Priest, Blitzkrieg Bop, Ballad of the Thin Pillbilly, Milking Stool Blues, T.B. Sheets, The Edge, Phoenix Hotel pt. 2
*Speedball Special*

Speedball Baby Speedball Baby (7"/CDEP)
PCP-018, ©1994

Tracks: Speedball Baby, Black Eyed Girl, Percocet, Fucked up Town, Corn River (CD Only)
*Speedball Special*

Spitters The Spitters: Sun to Sun (LP/CD)
PCP-030, ©1995

Tracks: Sun to Sun, Throat, Impasse, Swipe, Cradle, Days into a Week, Living Things, Feasty (CD Only), Shadow Shift (CD Only), Sacral Pump (CD Only), Shiver (CD Only), Loose Conscience (CD Only), Strange (LP Only)

Spoiler Spoiler: Crashpad (LP/CD)
PCP-015, ©1994

Tracks: Something for Nothing, Up Above, Crashpad, Custom Fit, Where to, Small Stone, Prism 23, 4 Walls, Moving in Theiry, Numero

Unsane/Slug Unsane/Slug (7" vinyl)
PCP-003, ©1992

Tracks: Streetsweeper (Unsane), Breathththing Out (Slug)

Sold Out!!!

Unsane Unsane (7" vinyl)
PCP-001, PCP Productions ©1991, PCP Entertainment ©1992

Tracks: Jungle Music, Blood Boy, My Right

Sold Out!!!

Valentine Six Valentine Six: Soundtrack Music to Spectrum Red (CDEP Only)
PCP-0034, ©2000

Tracks: Rain, Sayonara Jupiter, Ice on High Street, Swim to Me, Up Escalator, Spectrum Red

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Valentine Six Valentine Six (CD Only)
PCP-0032, ©1997

Tracks: Ghost Face, Sonic, Motel Girl, Thin Red Line, Blood Orange, Silencer, Tucson, Always is my Name, Bad Penny, Kill Street, Motel Lights

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